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The tribe gathered at the foot of the monolith.  The silence of the night was matched, and only softly interrupted by their nervous breathing.  The elders were preparing their totems and other vestiges of the last ceremony.
some consider the
gentle sounds of nature at
dawn to be free song
She ran her hands over the strings lightly. A soft squeak escaped as she placed her fingers against them. This simple wooden structure held melodies left uncreated, anthems that would fill the room. Lark smiled as she placed the violin beneath her chin and played her songs wild and(more)
Channeling the gods of gibberish he barked and sputtered  pronouncements for the congregation encircling their divine conduit with hands fluttering overhead and soft praises issuing from their lips. Speaking in the tongues of man he had little to say, but with the power of the eternal puppeteering his larynx he(more)