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Doris was excited about her pheasant-hatching unit.  Each of her middle schoolers in special education would "adopt" an egg and learn how to care for something fragile and dependent.  

At an age in which they were just beginning an honest examination of their own parents, students would start (more)
          We are men who take 1/32 of an inch seriously. 1/64 of an inch is too small. Let's not get crazy. But a lot can happen in 1/32nd. There are men who look like us, but who won't trifle with 1/16ths. We call them butchers. Their work falls out(more)
"Why do you like math so much?"

The truth is, I don't. I was an english major, and now I'm a 24-year-old who's adrift in adulthood, aside from my connection to tutoring middle school kids. It just happens to be in math.

I tell her as much.(more)
"Well, if you have to ask . . ."

"Just tell me. Do you love me?"

"Of course I love you. I mean . . . Okay, let's say two thirds of the time."

'Fair enough. I'm at three fifths with you."

"Three fifths .(more)
My dad got in a mood sometimes where he could only eat in geometric series. From the slice of meatloaf on his plate, he’d cut off half and eat it, then half of what was left, then half of what was left, and so on until the crumb of(more)
If she were taller, by even an eighth of an inch, this wouldn't have happened.  Her legs would have been longer, her steps bigger and her pace faster.  He wouldn't have cornered her in this alley because she would have been smarter by half than to make this turn.  She would have(more)
Once upon a time, a very, very long time ago there lived a man in a tree with only one window. Through that window he could see anything he chose to see.

In the mornings he would watch the opening of the market, where vegetable and fish monger(more)