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In two days I work finish my job with the shelter kitchen. I'm still damp from the batch of lunch dishes: scrape, wash, put away X 75 clients.

Today I am on lunch break at a hipster café nearby. The environment is deliberately close and intimate. The barista(more)
Clyde Thibodeaux turned the truck’s radio up as the bridge of the song played..., “I been to the edge, and there I stood and looked down, You know I lost a lot of friends there baby, I got no time to mess around”.
奴隷  -Japanese      
Esclavo  -Spanish
Slaaf  -Duch
奴隶  -Chinese
Schiavo  -Italian (more)
out of beans, forced to
serve instant, my shame drove me
to poison my guests
She knew that somewhere in front of her, in the blackness which shoved itself into her face like a sneering teacher, was a loved one. She knew this because who else would be picked to test her, to force her into madness?
The chains were of our own devising. We were never aware of it at the time, but we were forcing ourselves ever deeper into servitude, forging chains for our brothers when all the while we thought that we were freeing them. It is said that the road to hell(more)