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There are approximately 7.1 billion people in the world. So many of these people live their lives without realizing their potential. They go about their day thinking they are just some creation, born to die, and that their dreams are like the stars; unreachable glimmers of hope and imagination.(more)

Birdsong. Sunshine. The parts of the waking world that I'd left behind while I journeyed to and through the Apocalypse.
I struggled out of bed, legs and head heavy from the dream I'd been living for hours, or years, whichever it had been.
In m(more)
I try to blame him for it. If he hadn't been standing so close to the edge, if he hadn't been making fun of me, then it wouldn't have happened.
I try to downplay it. After all, what's a little teasing between friends? We shoved each other around all(more)
This is wrong --  it is. There are standards. Values. "Do unto others" and all those karma precepts I've lived by. And yet all of that crumbles to dust by the curve of your mouth. You're like a million other men and yet you're singularly beautiful to me. I don't(more)
"You," Kenshin pushed Edward's face into the pillows. "Are such a fucking IDIOT, sometimes, I don't know what to do with you-"

Edward laughed, the sound muffled by the pillows, and then cut off abruptly in a choked groan as Kenshin ground down on him. Kenshin had him(more)
The force it takes
To get up the morning
Knowing the daunting voices
That are waiting

The force it takes (more)