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is the only thing i can do to save myself now.
the choice is subconscious but essentially mine. there were no whispered promises, no angry threats. it was as natural as breathing, following you. like a shadow in the bright sunlight, i'll be there, faithful until the light itself runs out. i may be weak at times, overwhelming at others.(more)
he is there, he never isnt      

wehenever i turned around, all i could see was darkness, a shadow of some sort. These days, it never really bothered me, it had been with me for 8 years, since i was 6 years old. It first appeard on novern 23rd,(more)
Following you. Almost sounds like falling for you. And maybe those are the one and same thing; following and falling for someone who inevitably has a long string of followers that have fallen for you too....
Following you. Into a deep abyss of abrupt conversations, sudden compliments, cheesy jokes(more)
Following you is something that I have always done
Everything you did, since we were young
The life you lead was my favorite one.

Following you is what I know how to do
Your decisions and actions, I tried to pursue (more)
Following You

I remember you held me as I learnt to ride a bike
You showed me how to kick a ball
And even though you grew tired of my constant failures
Never stopped encouraging me to seek education
I remember
You evolved your discipline methods
Pinches, slaps,(more)
Down the forest trails, and up the mountain paths
Across the ocean wide, I would follow you.
Until the last stars blinks out; until the last heart stops,
Until the last 'I Love You' is uttered, I would follow you.
When you look back down the road, past th(more)
You will not let her die in vain, your mother who fought to protect you. Who was brave, was selfless. You hear her words and his, following you, calling to you. "Be brave... Be brave." You walk towards the soldiers standing like dolls with a gun in your hand(more)
As ponderous as cliches can be, I often find myself in situations that warrant them to be true. For example, when I was a child I couldn't tell you how many times I heard people say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." A silly notion to be(more)
There's a dank cloud hovering just behind you. You can't see it? I have been watching it as it follows you. The bright smile of yours that I behold is betrayed by your cloud. Darkness seeps from it, punctuating every sentence of yours with an ellipses, a quiet ache(more)
You can barely hear the muted crunching and shuffling of footsteps breaking thick snow behind you.  

Of course, you know who it is. It's always the same one person. He's been following you since - oh, he's been following you since before you even learned how to toddl(more)
You were older than me, and never let me forget it. We looked alike though we never would admit it. We even acted alike. All because of my unconscious attempts to be like you, my big sister, whom I've always admired. I followed you. Your actions, your attitude towards(more)
The ghosts of my past follow me everywhere
Pictures on the wall, the shadows over there
These persistent things never cease
They even haunt me in my dreams
Your cries I hear, my beloved dear (more)
"Following you, cowboy."

Pitch black. Just the way I like it. I hook in and slowly start to drop. The wall is moist, lots of moss too. This place must be thousands of years old. My headlight doesn't hit the other side. The whole place sounds like a(more)
"Are you... following me home?"

"Uhm! I didn't, I mean, I wasn't really thinking-"

The older girl lets out a laugh. "That wasn't an accusation hun, just wondering if you've got somewhere to go."

With a blush she adverts her gaze, staring at a fixed poin(more)