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I didn't mean to follow you at first; it just happened. It was always after Math that I would see your back in the hall, your neck exposed due to the shortness of your hair, your strides long and fast in your rush to get to your next class.(more)
"Take my hand," you say to me, staring up from beneath the waves. The salt spray lashes against my cheeks.

But I can't, and you know that. You know that perhaps even better than I do. I can't follow you like the fish and the tides and the(more)
As she lies awake, her mind is filled by nothing else but the broad curve of his back, the soft hairs that stick up at the nape of his neck, the grateful smirk he throws at her over his shoulder, his eyes black and bright. He holds out his(more)
A wide grin spread across his freckled face and he glanced behind him. The boys were still wandering forward, some tripping over the sleek stones and squealing noisily as they fell into the icy water. "When will they ever learn," he muttered to no-one. "Up ahead!" he exclaimed, a(more)
The sun just started to dip below the horizon, a golden hue painting the sky as I made my way down the path. There was something about this old walkway that gave me instantaneous euphoria as memories rushed past me, giving me just a taste of their sweetness. But(more)
He opened one eye. And stayed like that for a while - laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. He finally sat, swaying his legs over to the side of the bed. He took in his surroundings, and noticed his walls were covered with harlequin clowns and -(more)
Her gorgeous fiery red hair flowed like a flag in the cold winter wind and shined as bright as the north star through the pure white snow. Her complexion as clear as a recently Windexed window. A smile that shines brighter then a pack of fireflies in the darkest(more)
"I'm following right behind you honey, don't worry, we'll all be together soon. Then everything will finally be okay."

The cold air nipped the man's face as he quietly spoke to the ground. Adjusting the shotgun before him, he lowered his chin and begged for mercy. He wa(more)
I'm following you with bottles and ribbons. Don't look. They're rattling all over the place, and it's messy. Really messy.

I'm also following you with a murder of crows, and a whipped cream pie with your name on it. In cherry sauce.

I'm following you with adorati(more)
Her eyes reflected the small, roly-poly body waddling down the sidewalk. The scruffy white puppy jingled in front of the coffee-shop window, dripping in the pouring rain. She watched him pause, sitting heavily in a puddle as he turned his head to one side. He stared intently at the(more)
I've held you close in my heart but I've never gotten a chance to let my fingertips graze your brow.
I'm following you, and you're following me, and together we are just going in circles. Not really getting anywhere. Spinning our wheels. Maybe one of us should just stop.
Nothing is how I feel,
Sorry is not.
It is not new, rare, or unfamiliar
for me to look in the mirror
and search for even an inch of something...
normally to be dissapointed in the end.
Right outside my window is a drone.  I know it's there because it wouldn't make sense if it wasn't.  Nowadays, they have machines that can put a bullet between your eyes before you ever knew it was there.  They could probably make it look like an accident too.

Alladays, there have(more)
She was motionless, or rather, rendered incapable of movement. What good would it do her in the end? She would act, repent, act, repent, forever trapped in the endless cycle that drove her mad.

She was alone. For once, it wasn’t a product of her needless self-isolation. She(more)