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I was in the center of my room, my body folded over on itself, arms wrapped around my legs, head tucked into my knees. There were tears running down my face.
I had been this way for hours, focusing instead on the hole in my chest, on the void(more)
i want to stand up
for my rights in this marriage
but i always fold
Mom and Number Three were arguing again. Number Three, though different than the previous father figures in Bethany's life, was her favorite. Three took her and Jeremy fishing and taught them how to plant tomatoes in the back yard. He didn't make a face when he saw Bethany's collection(more)
The folded banner
Rested upon him
As rain began to fall.
I took the paper into my hands and caressed it, felt its texture. It was the best I had ever used. I took a few moments to frame my desires in my mind, for I had to be confident in the first fold. It was the spine, from which(more)
My mother is always there
to wake me up
make my breakfast
get me dressed.
My mother is always there
to get me to school (more)