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focus on truth and
ignore the pain caused by your
exposure to it
Ideas never came to her in the shower or when she was trying to fall asleep at night. When she was younger, she had always felt a little broken for that.  

“Just take a break from it and relax,” her friends would say when she struggled with a(more)
Foc-us. Folk us.

What will happen to us folk when focus becomes our enemy?
...a Dutch progressive rock band from the 1970's, with the instrumental hit "Hocus-Pocus."

...a Christian magazine.

...a geometric point used to define conic sections. (more)
focus, focus - focusfocusfocus
until you can see the light through the blood in your capillaries
that lurk at the back of your eye.
focus until the tunnel vision turns black on either side
until words pour indiscriminate from your gaping jaw focus
focus until you don't know what(more)
vicious, poisoned youth with mouths full of venom
unable to focus because they're told that they can't focus because they don't focus in the way that's thought "normal"
vicious, poisoned youth trying to keep their fangs crossed their claws unsharpened just to keep from having to hear the words(more)