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Hard as we tried we couldn't outrun them.
We could barely out-drive them as we zig-zagged through the unfamiliar streets of an unfamiliar city.
This wasn't the Manhattan we remembered.
If we could just find a way out of the city, if we could just find a way to(more)
Some people are scared
of heights or spiders

I was never afraid  
it was the twisted reality that
caused my cold sweats (more)
Fair to say that my dream got worse and worse when I started flying.
I'm still paying a $10K fine I ended up with when i got arrested the first time: On the roof, new goggles and windbreaker, exercising my best judgement in aligning myself with a passing jetliner(more)
I have a dream. On different days, but it is always the same one. It is really the only thing I can count on to be there for me. When it begins, I am in a mall, or maybe an airport, going down an escalator. My hands are in(more)