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About all she could say was Goddammit.

She liked his vocabulary, even when his sentence structure was weak. He used "paroxysm" so naturally, was not afraid of contradictions and weak spots because he had so many. It helped, probably, that he was taller than most people and coul(more)
He caught a fleeting glimpse of something greater. As soon as he realized what it was, it was gone.
It is your less than five words
every time you speak
your soft strands of hair
framing your slender face
your silent gaze
pierced my soul (more)
"Looks like there's no avoiding it... what a shame. I really wanted to be by your side until the end of it all."

"I don't want you to go!" Her face is a complete and utter mess. There are tears everywhere and she has to snuffle constantly so(more)
Time is fleeting. We have all heard it before. It's true. Any one of us can attest to it, and we all acknowledge its truth, though we have varying experience with the slipperiness of time. For some, that fleeting moment may stretch on for a year but move like(more)
because when I think of you, I think of closure. rubbing my nose against your chest, putting hands against the small of your back, eyes closed against rusty flannel.

we used to be this. no love, just warmth. and you told me you wanted to leave, on some(more)
Good things come in threes, and after that, no more.

The first good thing was Peter. Although he ended up under Arthur's care due to some rather unfortunate circumstances, it didn't change the fact that the boy was something of a small blessing. Arthur had never been the(more)
For a fleeting moment time froze, and all he saw was her face turning away from him, pain and sadness ruining her fragile complexion.

A mistake - misspoken words, an unintended connotation paired with the wrong time, wrong place - and she was shaking her head, gasping and(more)