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those pieces of me/ she keeps filed away
are hers now/ not mine
were they mine to begin
all confessions and show/ of what she truly means to me
          my goddess
            roamin here on ea(more)
I've been filed away for safe keeping. Put in a folded and committed to memory. And I will sit there until you feel as though you need me again, so you'll know just where to find me.

You step off onto the concrete ledge of the station, glancing down at your watch as you heads towards the closest exit.
I searched for words. Anything that could describe my existence, so I could have something more than what I am. My body is undergoing atrophy, and I feel as though every second I could be doing more, I could give more, a sea of could haves, should haves, and(more)
The worst part of early summer was the heat. Edward never did well with the heat - it was still better than the alternative, but temperature extremes of any kind made his joints ache. The automail put undue stress on his body, and it didn't take long for that(more)