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falling off a cliff
the stock market two lovers
and lots of lemmings
Out of everything she tried, anxiety was my sister's favorite intoxicant.

"I know I worry too much," she confessed to me over the phone. Elaine was calling at 3 am from a phone booth on the Las Vegas strip and she was the one worried about me, having(more)
The words in my mouth are combing together so seamlessly. I am lost, irretrievably, and all that is succinct is the pain in my ears. A ceaseless wringing. A sickness so constant and so pressured that it feels as if my skull is going to explode. Sometimes I wish(more)
Reasons to fall off a cliff: To help understand that defying nature only has its downs. (more)
Falling off a cliff
Into a sea
Of remorse and regret.
As I crawl between the sheets every night, longing for the shadowy tendrils of sleep to pull me away, I run headlong and recklessly towards the edge of consciousness. Resolve rarely meets the expectations of my ambitions, and as the thoughts in my mind percolate and trickle down through(more)