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A man has fallen over into the street, or maybe it's a woman. That breathless screaming has a particular female edge. Like a sick mother bird. The person shouts and flails, contorted like a gymnast or an addict; this is Hastings and Columbia so you choose which one.         (more)
She droops.
Heavy petals
guiding her towards the earth.
Frayed yellow edges dripping,
tears for the loss of another season.
Growing up in a red-neck town, hearing the occasional gun shot was a common occurrence. We just didn't bat an eye.  

At least that was the way it was before that night. The dreaded night of the cross burning.  

When I was young child, in a predominately(more)
Once I saw a woman fall over.
She tripped on a step she didn't even know was there.
She had white hair, and wrinkles littered her skin.
My mother let out an audible gasp. She has always had a soft spot for the victimized elderly.
I wondered if that(more)
The duel was over before it even started. That's how fast he was. I'd heard rumors, but I'm the kind of man who believes what his eyes and ears tell him. I knew the truth now, for all the good it did.

I slumped against the saloon wall,(more)