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When you're falling head first,
you have some decisions to make.

Do you open your eyes,
or close them?
I'm about to fall head first into this relationship.  It was a clear day outside and my computer was on.  All a sudden, someone was looking for me.  When I went on to the site, it was an old boyfriend.  He had been trying to find me for years.  It was nice to hear(more)
      I don’t know what it is? It began as a rising heat that blurred the air, like in a desert. Then noises, guttural, it took me into the part of the brain that thought a tiger was in the bush.  I was ambivalent, as a weird figure came through the(more)
I could feel the spray of the water from all the way up here, on the cliff I was about to dive from. I closed my eyes and felt the fresh scent of the water, and the rocks, and the trees behind me, and for once in my life,(more)
It's sweltering hot, the sun burning overhead and a warm breeze barely blowing. The ice in drinks melts in seconds, leaving this lukewarm liquid in a slippery wet glass. Animals and people alike lie in the shade, panting and sweating as they dig out old fans. The humidity is(more)