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When they asked me how I was feeling, I always told them "fair to middling," even if I was struggling to breathe, or had a hard time lifting myself upright in bed, or couldn't keep a spoonful of oatmeal in my stomach for more than five minutes.
My computer is playing with my head.
What I know about computers could fit in this box here with enough room leftover for a good 295 words. I try to fake my way through (a lot of things) but I think it caught onto my fakery because for the(more)
"To be born on Middling Earth is bad enough, but to be born on Fair Earth, as your grandparents were . . . Even on Middling Earth, where I now know I had it pretty good, I had no words for where the truly fortunate lived. None of us(more)
Reginald Wormington the Third was gliding his way around a deep rain filled pothole on the lane by Five Pig Farm.
He wore a white collar, a red bow tie and his Grandfather's grey top hat.