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Extravagance is in the eye of the beholder and the dreams of the weary.
Once the queen had borne the king a son, a healthy boy they called Rik, she was moved out of the king's palace and into a separate one, her duty to the kingdom fulfilled. Rik lived in helpless opulence with the king. He would be eighteen now, nearly time(more)
One eyed Moon's face blushed in embarrassment as the extravagance of his birthday party washed over him. Surprised that his mother actually realized what day it was, he truly felt like the heir to the Boss Tanaka's fortune.
Moon never trusted his “so called uncles”, he didn’t lik(more)
In the fabric of time, each tick of the clock is an extravagance that we can ill afford to use poorly.
for the ants, what is
an extravagance? it's no
different for man.
The extravagance of misery
Of feeling insignificant
Tired of being compared
Exhausted of being different
And above all
Weary of the outcome. (more)