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What do I expect when I write on this website? Why do I feel obligated to post dashed-off little blurbs in this kind of a public forum? What does the act of exposure add to the experience?

Do I expect my "readers" to be scouring the Typetrigger page(more)
my very skin is made of expectations;
they venture to prevent my boundlessness
and instead contradict it all,
pushing me inwards,
expecting me to shoot up and out,
to rocket beyond the stars, to (more)
They always expect a lot from me. They expect good grades, a good career, a girlfriend that they consider respectable... The problem is that the only thing that they should expect is my happiness and, most of the times, it seems they couldn't care less.
I love a girl,(more)
at first i am empty,
then slowly coins deposit,
wishes are made
until i am filled and water overflows,
i am weighed down
with  unfulfilled desire. (more)
expectations/ of civil human decency
walkin round/ flauntin their/ aintnopoint
realities of NO ONE GIVES & MOVE IT
                    BITCH CANT YOU SEE IM WALKIN
My expectations of you,
Never met
But I got something new.
New ways to think,
New expectations,
Great expectations.
I expect to finish school
I expect to get a job
I expect to have sex
I expect to drink beer and wine
I expect to travel
I expect to find a wife (more)
My eyes opened wide and my nostrils flared up to the smell of moms home cooking on Christmas morning. I could hardly sleep last night just hoping with every bit left in me to get a brand new Nintendo 64. I put on my Flash jammies and like lightning,(more)
Expectations?  I have zero.  For the people in this world of ours, I have zero.  Ours!  That's what I'm talking about, I stand to correct myself and in the process I have provided the perfect example of our arrogance.  This is not our world.  It belongs to the ear(more)
i never could have expected this.

i never could have expected that because i joined a silly website to draw pictures on that i'd start making friends. i never could have expected that they would encourage my artistic journeys, even joining me on some.

i never could(more)