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My 78 year old mom called from the farm and asked me to set up a visit to “the lady doctor.” I made an appointment with my gynecologist, and dropped her there the first day of her holiday.  On the drive home, she was uncharacteristically quiet.  I asked her if everything(more)
The subject is male, caucasian, early 30s, five-foot-ten, approximately 180 pounds.  Cause of death is...undetermined.  Fourth one this week, I don't know.  No visible signs of injury or significant tissue damage.  Subject's file indicates he ... [rustling of papers] lived alone in a(more)
They are all perfectly coiffed:  men gelled and cologned to a sharp, drugstore odor, the women with frosted hair that may have once been blonde, or brown.  No one is above 35, unless they are botoxed or Eastern European.  No one looks comfortable.  Smiles are stretched across perfect(more)
Her socks didn't match, which wasn't the reason he was looking at her but was the easiest thing to focus on.  One of the socks was an argyle pattern in pinks and purples and yellows.  The other was red and blue stripes.  Had it been under normal circumstances, he never really would(more)