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Wanderer, come closer, I must say some words, namely, that everything you do is for naught.  Nothing matters, not one bit, and is not worth the slightest effort to pursue.  Why do I say this? I speak from knowledge.  I have been a pauper, a prince, a king, an artist, a priest,(more)
At what point did it all accumlate to being alone in an old car. When was the tipping point? What was it I said that has me parked behind the mexican joint we went on our first date trying to sleep. If we can't have the good days without(more)
"From now on," the voice whispers in his head, "everything you do will be permanent."
"Bullshit," Seven says, and laughs.

So he goes wild.
He gives Yoosung a box of Honey Buddha chips in exchange for a kiss, offers to find Zen a good role at the cost(more)