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I tell my mom my classmates are calling me a fag in the Dairy Queen drive-thru line.

"No, no, no. One medium Heath Blizzard. Not two. One. And one Snickers" she entreats to the loudspeaker while squeezing my leg just above the knee. The squeeze says, "I'm listening,(more)
why are there children
whose heads are forever as
empty as their eyes
Her death was the only death where everybody won.
The police were happy because a killer was finally gone.
Her children were happy because they weren't afraid of their mom anymore.
Her husband was happy because he got custody of the children.
Her parents were happy because she had(more)
sometimes, when you're { happy }, you think everybody's happy too. you don't notice the sad LOOKS, and fisted hands, the s-l-y smiles.
you think everybody's { happy }, and that maybe for once, the sun can come out and SHINE on your dreary life.
you can LiVe.
Compromise is a beautiful thing. It holds families together and keeps friendships in working order. Compromise is the difference between acceptable and miserable. In a compromise, everyone wins.
The polar opposite of compromise, therefore, is the stand off, wherein none of the involved parties will give any ground a(more)
The thing about video games- eventually, everybody wins. It may take days, months, or years, but at some point, you defeat the boss and view the end credits.
Except when you don't.
When you can never beat the boss, and you are stuck forever in a type of limbo,(more)
desperate am i in air--
though daftly, as you never cared
as far as i could know--
though sit astutely well-aware
(perhaps acutely-more than thee)
to see why all of this you dared (more)
this almost never happens
in ya novels
i keep quiet, you stay oblivious, everybody wins.
When she smiled, her eyes thinned to slits, corners crinkled.

“I’m glad you’re back,” she said, propelling herself into his arms as the words left her lips. He embraced her tightly, and she settled there, belonging. “Simon, I’m so fucking glad you’re back.”

He pulled back, examine(more)
She grabs her mother's hand as they wait in line
For another chance at a good life
She clutches her stomach, she's hungry again
Her throat burns, her feet hurt
She just wants to go to sleep, but she can't.
The clouds have been brewing for some time now; on land and in the sky there is no peace. For the high king to sit upon his stallion and think that his encampment is the strongest- the bravest- the best, is but ordinary king-think, full of lofty goals and  nothing(more)
Because if we love each other
Then everybody wins
And no one loves quite the way we do
And I give you everything of myself
And I get to have every part of you
As a child she was naive enough to believe everybody was a winner in some way, shape, or form, without thinking too hard about what the concept meant.

If everybody won, that was the same as saying everybody lost. A general blanket statement to reassure children of their(more)
"Nnnggh, I can't stand this! No matter what, all I can think of is Lucy! She's so radiant, so kind, so wonderful... and she goes with Clive! Even his name sounds dickish!"

"There, there." Jay crouches on the ground, fluffing the hair of his fallen friend. "I'm sure(more)