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time: born out of our stories.
often, i am thankful that nothing is everlasting.
i comfort myself; "it will all be over soon."
when i think of you and me i repeat my mantra like a curse.
it will all be over soon.
what rule explains the
connection between "boring"
and "everlasting"?
This winter is everlasting. This cold and snow and everything everything everything with it. The land has been monochromatic for so long, all black trees and white snow and concrete roads lined with grey banks that just keep growing
and you think that you need a change, something about(more)
Jenny held the sweet against her cheek trying to make it last.  She was afraid that if she moved it around her mouth too much, it would just dissolve away and be gone too soon.  She sat in the back seat of the car and looked out the window at the(more)
Breath in, and out. You feel it moving through your lungs, governed by itself; it created the lungs, and it moves them. It pushes past your face: the dance between low pressure and high pressure. It created the rules and words that trained you like a dog.