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those fleeting moments
the way you take me over
when you defy time

While waiting for the futile stoplights letting phantom drivers through side streets, Brody Bray sifted through the discarded receipts, food wrappers, and other ephemera that littered the floorboards of the truck. Several crumpled receipts under the name John Blakely were from a place called "The Louisiana Bush Company." (more)
Ashtray overflowing,
staring at a pristine screen,
Joel Moore begged some
hidden muse for help

Feeling as he could (more)
"Tada no... kusuri-uri... desu ne."

And his were his talismans. Unless specially embellished with the brushstrokes for abstract concepts that were immortalized in the minds of man, the slips of paper were here and gone. Unleashed from his sleeves in swift, precise throws, the paper slips created barriers,(more)