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It's kinda funny how I had to look that word up, as it sorta kinda mostly describes how I feel at my present job.

I haven't written in 10 years or more. My mind is sending signals through my nerves to my fingers to search out the letters. The self that I feel is a higher form is forcing my mind to pressure my fingers to type well, to type properly. I never(more)
There's many days that pass by and i'm ennui all the time, but then again depression does that .
i've lost motivation to keep going, it's as if im losing who i trully am on inside, its begining to be harder to smile, let alone get out of be(more)
my girlfriend's name is
iunne. that predicted some
ennui right up front.
He painted his world in blacks and whites like he was born in grayscale, his sky the colour of the moon on bright nights, his oceans dusted in charcoal. A juxtaposition of intricacy and simplicity, every line drawn in perfect strokes, every detail painstakingly traced, his work dripped tears(more)
Ennui. What a strange word. I had to look it up. It's rather fun to say and to think about.

If you have a mind like mine, and you look at it too quickly, it says "bunny." I don't even know how that happens, to be honest. "Utter(more)