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A Wind Age, A Wolf Age

Asmodeus's laughter, and mine, and the mirror girl's, and Her's, and Her children's, rising and twisting and hissing in the dank, humid air.
Inside the theater of the looking glass girl's chest, a velvet curtain twitched and parted, revealing serrate(more)
A ring shines on my finger now. Nails chipped, skin scratched. It looks out of place. Too luxurious for plain worker's hands.

Using a mop has left my palms callused. Who would know that mopping floors, even acres of floors, would actually toughen the hands like this?   (more)
"YES! Oh god, yes, of course yes!" Tears streamed down Alice's cheeks. Other couples having dinner in the restaurant around them clapped their hands in congratulation. Tom rose to his feet and kissed his new fiance.

Tom had been engaged four times before, this one made it five.(more)