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Went to a bar yesterday. Decided, fuck it, gotta meet someone new sometime, right? Sat and ordered whiskey on the rocks making no eye contact 'cause I have introvert on autopilot. Notice my reflection in a mirror behind the bar. Grey shadows lurk under my eyes. The bar is(more)
Her words have weight
Like they could anchor a ship.
How many drinks does it take
To turn memories to ash?
Now, that's some modern day alchemy for ya.
it wasn't anything special, just a single slab of hardwood shined up with varnish and beer stains. even so, it drew a crowd--after work, before work, instead of work.

"What can I get ya darling?" Rhonda called out from behind the bar, and before they could answer, sh(more)
Raine settles down
in an empty bar, he
looks at the bottles
of the finest wines
that he constantly
serve to customers. (more)
That was me, waiting for you in the empty bar. With my usual candy jar and my chocolate bar. Until one day I realised that doing such won't get me far. So I stood up and get to my car. Sitting there won't get me far. Not even with(more)
in the empty bar i stare
at the two of us so fair
my eyes are yours
and your face is mine
it looks like a mirror
only its much clearer (more)
Kenshin stood in front of the refrigerator in the basement and sighed. It was an older model, the one that once stood in the kitchen until Edward accidentally lit the ice maker on fire. (There had never been a satisfactory explanation as to why the ice maker had been(more)