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I saw a mallard duck today in a pond by my work. I'd walked by there many times and never saw the water that surrounded the tree, the branches fallen in the blue-green water so that pond appeared between worlds, maybe a gateway, maybe not.
It's so close we can smell it
your scent tickles me
and takes me back there
I laughed out loud remembering that time
when we reached it finally
it was always just a breath away (more)
Sometimes I too fall
then night brings tears, not repose
my elusive love
That feeling that everything is just around the corner constantly nagging at you.  Sometimes you wait for it, sometimes you chase after it, never finding it it disappears like a shadow in the light.
There are glimmers of hope, like you might catch it, whatever it is, that today will(more)
Perhaps most prominently, the Chinaman--known by many names except the one he was born with, which even he no longer remembered--in all his ancient feudal mystery was the most elusive among them.

The brothers of prophecy, feline-blooded predators, found it fascinating in him. But then, because the Chinama(more)