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you have twelve people to choose from
eleven minutes to decide
  ten fingers to point with
   nine faces to disguise
    eight stories to be told
     seven memories to be shared (more)
*Ding Dong*  

Jeremy rushed down the stairs at the sound of the doorbell. He was in such a rush, he didn't noticed his toe catch the edge of the 2nd to last step. Luckily, his chest broke his fall.  

"UMPH," he coughed loudly. Then he laughed. He(more)
          Since the night I met you I've been afraid you were going to leave.  Not out of anger or cruelty; you're just not the type to stay anywhere.  So if you leave, I'll understand.  But if you stay- today- I want you to know that I want th(more)
It's 23.49 as I struggle to keep my eyes open. Eleven more minutes, a click on the send button, and I can sleep.

Rue de Berne, 4 pm. Walk down from the train station and past the Japanese grocery, past the parking lots and that new place that sells only Halal food. Walk past the mattress store and gaze into the window.

Don't make eye contact. Wait for the man i(more)
Our emotions are often unpalatable when we are not aware,
are as it most often is, we do not feel.

When one is still learning,
they find it strange how (more)
"Ten minutes." I call out, glancing at the computer screen.
"Any more than that," Mom warns, "and you won't get any computer time for the next three days."
"Okay!" Really, anything to start using that ten minutes.
When those candy-precious minutes are used up, I look longingly at the(more)
The humid heat had given way to cool, and even though it was now 3:11, she had armed herself with portable, electronic music and a recent, albeit torn copy of the New Yorker.
Every once in a while she would look up, turn her head left and right t(more)
He was late. Not that he had a watch or anything - to be honest, he kept time about as well as he could catch a cold.

(On the few occasions he's brought that up, he'd then go on a tangent about his impenetrable immune system, and the(more)
Up here, it's silent. There are so many walls and rooms, and it helps that the vents are closed off downstairs. There are bird and bug noises from outside, and the sound of cars. My room smells like muffins. Chocolate, banana, and the delicious hints of baked something-tasty. It's(more)
Vriska looked down at her target, splayed on the ground, red flowing out of his chest. Glancing at the clock she noticed it had only been eleven minutes since she'd started. He really should have invested in better security, she chuckled snapping a picture of him before walking out,(more)
minutes tick past and what sometimes feels like a flash in time becomes a dragged eternity. i wait for the call, the ding that will cement my reassurance that you are okay, but the call never comes.
you told me that you would stay, for me, and only for(more)