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My reason for fighting evaporated in the predawn air on the final moon-day of the full harvest, along with the mist.

Magnhild was too proud to be left back in the village with the other shield wives. And she proved the mettle of that pride time and tim(more)
i prayed to cornstalks for ten years.

three hours of belt whipping and bruise-ups and there i would be, knobby knees pushed rough into the earth beneath the stalks of green corn and my mottled, faith-beaten skin shining red and purple under the light of the moon. (more)
Aware. That's the only thing she can make out right now. Awareness... There isn't a form to recognize, an edge to see or anything that lends itself to some sort of orientation. There is just awareness.  

It's hard for her to tell how long she's been in this(more)