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She asked me, "Do you get sad this time of year." And I'm not sure why but a part of me immediately said "Yes." I came up with some sort of answer that didn't really answer and said that instead. I'm not sure why my gut screamed yes though(more)
Jim's eyes stung as the eyelids peeled apart, and he could almost hear the crust crackling and pulling at the skin. Light filtered through the blinds, and he pushed himself up onto his side and looked down on his pillow.
I'm going to die here.  Here in my own basement, with my head in a bucket, drowning on moldy laundry water, some crazy foreign cats yanking my hair, asking for some code.  What fucking code would I have?  I gave them my ATM number, my phone number, bank account, my social... all(more)
Caleb spun around in a circle, noticing his shoe was untied.  It's white ends now muddy and brown.  He could almost hear his mother nagging him to tie it.  But tying his shoe was the last thing on his mind.