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It's the little things, it's always been the little things with us.
The way in which you look at me like I might be beautiful.
Beautiful as a wildflower, or some fey creature that has momentarily alighted upon your hand. You hold me with such tenderness, like you can'(more)
We first got the idea for the Society for the Rehabilitation of Injured Snails and Millipedes when my wife stepped on one while hiking.  "Oh no!" she squealed as the round exoskeleton popped underneath her foot.  She stood frozen, her face stricken with horror and her shoulder blades pinched together, h(more)
I feel like my happiness that things are somewhat normalized between us is drowned out entirely by the feeling that something is missing, and that thing is you. For a year and a month, you existed in my head, you existed when you held my hand, kissed me softly(more)