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the task is so irritatingly simple, "draw a circle," a task even the smallest of children could perform. but she cannot. she grasps the pencil in her hand and twirls her wrist.

not perfect enough. (more)
when i was little
i used to collect shells at the beach
i saved all the little broken half moons
in a little white pile in the sand
i'd keep them far away from the raging tide
whose cold bit at my toes (more)
For the third hour in a row, his sketchbook is blank.

Well, not exactly blank. Grey smudges mar the paper, in some places worn through with all the attempts to get rid of his mistakes.  He glances at his neighbors. They are all happily sketching away, the contours o(more)
subject cringes at the shape on the paper, more duck than circle.
subject is dissatisfied. the circle is too wide. the paper is thrown into a provided trash can.
too thin.
close, but far too small.
subject seems visibly aggravated by paper(more)
Draw your life.

Here was the objective of our homework. Seems simple, doesn't it? Well it's not. I mean, it's easy to remember events, but there are so many, I can't choose. Plus, at 21 years old, my life isn't even decided yet. I'm just starting to live!(more)
vicious cycles and
ouroboros and other
never ending things
I sit there for a moment.
pencil in hand, paper in front of me.
I can imagine it in my head.
I place the tip of my pencil down, and begin.

*** (more)
Draw me:

Something perfect,
Something endless,
Something worthless,
Something friendless (more)
She cries in frustration. It might as well be a jellybean. It might as well be an egg.
"Why, Bailey, that's nearly a perfect circle!" Mr. Ross, the art teacher, exclaims in appreciation.
She clenches her fist. Because not perfect is not good enough. Why doesn't anyone understand? It's(more)
Euclid's Elements, the monolithic mathematical masterpiece, a ten-book geometric universe, composed of a vast network of hundreds of propositions and proofs, is founded on the humble request to draw a circle.
I am not the greatest artist. I can hardly draw at all. I get that it's probably impossible to draw a perfect circle but you get close enough.

Close enough for other people to recognize it as such and I guess that's all that matters. Mine always en(more)
Saraswathi let the boy lead her to the bed. He reeked of beer and pot - just like the last one.
She wondered why she always preferred the stoners. If anything, it was maddening for the Human Fireball - as her fellow fighters, who knew, called her - an(more)
I've been thinking about this for a while. Our lives are ruled by external forces. We understand them, but do we understand ourselves?
The truth is a scary, the future is bright. -Ism's and -ology's make us who we are. They overlap and weave together and we have both(more)
Henry panicked as the red lights flashed above him, their flickering on clockwork.  Sweat was beading on his forehead, daring to drip down and ruin everything.

"Sargent! We are under pressure - gather yourself!  This is life and death we are talking about!" Henry's teammate yelled at him throug(more)
She's never been good at art. Always had trouble drawing shapes, her lines coming out crooked and wrong. When she'd try to color, her attempts always ended outside the lines.

'It's okay,' her teacher had assured her. 'Coloring outside the lines shows your creativity! You're showing off yourself.'(more)