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She took drama out of context.
She embodied it,
Embraced it like her greatest lover.
She wonders why she's so very alone,
After so many short and sweet nights,
Which, just like she, (more)
It was supposed to be the day of her life, the pinnacle of three years of hard work, leading up to two hours of sheer triumph later on this afternoon.

She looked out onto the sea, over the waves that gently came to shore. Guilt crept up inside(more)
To Whom It May Concern:

We regret to inform you that...
The girls sat down at the table like they always did; Kassandra closest to the door, Jessie to her right and Danielle across from Jessie.

"So who do you think is gonna get the lead?" said Danielle to the empty space in between the two.

"It's definite(more)
Today for drama class, I want you to pretend. Pretend like you are another person. Become an actress. Become someone other than you. Become something other than you.

You could be an hybrid animal. A tiger with purple stripes and large antelope antlers and raptor-like claws. A giraffe(more)
The drama teacher goes on stage to show us. At the moment he reaches the middle of the small stage, his whole body straighten up. His right hand grabs his heart in panic. We hear him breath strangely and loudly. His back bends suddenly. He is now on his(more)
The party was in full swing. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves. The host flitted from guest to guest like a bumblebee among flowers, and the guests glowed as she received them.

Then, a shout! Everyone gasped as the young man hit the floor.

"Oh, my God!(more)
I've always been bad at pretending.

The others never seemed to find it difficult though, what with all their posturing and contorting of faces and feelings– they put on painted masks while I had only naked skin.

Their deaths were played out in poster paint and paper-mache(more)
I spied her across the bar, a girl I've met many times before but I couldn't say I know her.  Sipping my bourbon, I watched her as I thought she was meant to be watched, as if I was sitting in the audience and she was on stage.
Congressional orientation.