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I guess it was technically downtown since that area was lower than the rest of the city. We called it The Flats but we didn't know why. It was where poor minority families settled. It was also home to the worst elementary school  in town and the middle school where(more)
We'll go there only
For laughs and the idea
Of fun times downtown
"Do we have to go out tonight?  I'm tired and I'm not in the mood for being fake nice."

Sarah was lying on her bed.  She knew that changing into her jammies the moment she got home was going to have serious repercussions.  That was probably why she did it.  Now that(more)
the door was barely open before Sam and Jason were intertwined in one another's arms, driven by a tense whirlwind of desire, bursting from the control the two managed to keep all night long. air molecules stood still as the two, breathless, knocked first into the non-suspecting console table(more)
They were timid and bashful, their hands only brushing never truly touching. The lights from the city shone brightly in the downtown twilight. Margaery caught herself every so often taking but a peek at Sansa. Every other glance their eyes would meet and both girls would simply smile and(more)
I walk downtown with my heart thumping in my fingertips. There is ecstasy and agony and pain and love. But through it all, I am someone alive. I am conscious and living and the breath I take feels like a hundred gusts. The breath I lost feels tornadoes inside(more)
Tony and the idiot babbling away beside him shot down alleys, behind dumpsters, and cut through the lower levels of abandoned warehouses. Each time, Petty's feet slowed Tony would ask, out of breath, if they were almost there. They never were, until thirty minutes into their trek.
"This i(more)
holed up in a tiny apartment surrounded by orange peels that are beginning to harden into brittle chips with whimsical concavities turned upwards, perhaps looking for the sun. outside, the sky like some enormous florescent; maybe white, maybe grey, but monochromatic through and through, an oppressive blanket of disinterest(more)
works downtown hangs out
midtown lives uptown girlfriend
out in the suburbs