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From the throat of the cavern there wafted a putrid smell like boiled beetroot and glue. The three explorers caught their breaths as they steeped into the atrium of the dragons maw. The miasma wasn't poisonous, as the research scouts had assured them, but it was the kind of(more)
what what what will happen when the kids shuffle through the door, read the name of the board? who will speak first?

undoubtedly they will. how many, though? they will call me ms. but it will sound like miss. i've had enough students to know that miss is(more)

Down it went, more smoothly than she'd expected, hardly any wriggling or squirming... Gross after-taste, though. She stifled a belch with her hand. "There," she said. "I swallowed a fish!"

Her friend proffered another.

"Thanks, one's enough."

The seal shrugged and splashed away. (more)
because I see you
swallow down the "I love you"
so either do I

What happened? Where am I? James was slowly regaining consciousness but without any real senses at his control; it was difficult to gauge where his night of bad decisions had landed him. The last thing he remembered, he was punishing his liver for every bad thing he could hav(more)