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Doesn't it bother you
how unambitious you are
she asked me as I sat there
waiting for the dopamine to kick in.

Meanwhile the clouds from a thousand half lives (more)
Gonna ride around to this bumping beat,
the buzz is here and I'm feeling fine.

Loving is easy and riches abound,
'cause its sexy, see
to live like me. (more)
I was warned that I would see posters of Boris Yeltsin
the placard bathed in bricks reading just the right amount of words
I was warned the image, like rays of sunshine, would burrow inside of me, fester clean, exit through the holes in my hands.
Well, they were(more)
Dopamine.  The motivation chemical.  Without a sufficient amount, we may not even be motivated enough to feed ourselves.  B has this problem.  Seems like he has since he was born.  Kept at the hospital for weeks after birth, he could not breathe on his own.   (more)
Lily's dopamine wasn't working properly. She felt paralyzed and numb. Was this what Death felt like? Was she dying? A light came towards her, and she walked into the light.