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I will not write a
haiku about Doctor Who
I will not write it.
i see you from the very corner of my vision. i can't stare at you openly; you would catch my eye with a smirk and that'd make me spend the next few days in self loathing. you always did know how to make me feel worthless. i've convinced myself(more)
"This," Arthur whispered, passing Martin the bucket of popcorn. "Is the best episode of Doctor Who. Ever."
"But the Doctor hasn't even appeared yet." Martin whispered back. "How is this-"
"Shhhh!" Arthur flapped at him to be quiet as the Doctor's face appeared on the TV screen.
"Don't blink."(more)
Don't blink
Don't close your eyes for even
a second
Don't lose track of time
for one moment
Precious moments wasted away, (more)
Caelus, the capital city of the Republic of Uranus, Jupiter's greatest ally, spread out before them. Alma had been to many big cities in her life - New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Seoul - but she'd never seen anything like this. It was buildings, nothing but buildings, packed next(more)
"Want something to drink?"

"Nah, I'm good" I told my friend as he walked into the kitchen.  

As I wandered his ancient house, I marveled at the moss covering the walls like a long green snake.  

I made my way downstairs past a huge chandelier an(more)
Don’t blink,
Or the clock may run,

Don’t look,
The crowds may overtake you,
The welts on my arms were huge, hot to the touch and red. Each doctor was more clueless than the last. One even backed into the wall behind him itching irrationally as he threw some cortizone samples my way.

"Just don't itch it.  Maybe it will go away." (more)
you see him, outlined by the abyss. you lurch forward, hoping to get there in time.
in a vague, ignored part of your brain, you realize that you cannot reach him, but emotion defies all logic in its strongest moments, so you reach toward his falling figure anyway.
Her memories were fogged, everything to her seemed surreal. The air raid sirens were still shrieking in the distance; panicked shouts can still be heard, and buildings crumbling all around.  She tried to make sense of what happened moments ago.The other children were only a few feet ahead of her(more)
I knew that immediately. I knew that instinctively. I knew that unquestionably. She couldn't do it. He thought he did, but he couldn't. So I stepped up. Without a twinge, without a break, I took over. I was unstoppable, I was huge, I was all-knowing, I was supreme, I(more)
Remember that game when we were kids, where we would keep our eyes open and the first one to blink lost?

Well, I'm 34 years old, and I'm playing that game. Simply now, I'm tied up to a wooden chair, with a gun on my temple. Sweat drops(more)
Don't blink because she'll be gone, believe me, I've done it. I'm drunk and I'm alive. That is something. It is the most incredible nothing. I stay my drunk fingers and, perchance, see myself in another live.
Tell them of what it was like.
This life. (more)
scattered & fleeting
a fixed state of leaving
forget who you've met
for you'd best not be needing
a shoulder to cry nor
a hand which belies nor (more)
Danny remembers those years ago.

He drunkenly sways with the microphone at the sound of the intro to I'll Be Seeing You, watching Eva shift on her feet as she waits for her turn.