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regular dog eat
dog; vegetarian dog
eat meatless hot dog
I'll never forget it.  I was eleven and staying at my grandmother's house for the summer.  She lived, a widow, alone in the country in a house that had been where bootleggers once hid their stock from the revenuers.  The basement was cavernous.  I spent many afternoons digging with a(more)
It's that kind of world is what they say.

Does that mean we are all cannibals?
Depressing, but true.
A simple idiom  that exemplifies the fact that we are all animals.  Humans try to say we have a higher purpose than the others beasts inhabiting rock.
We don't, we really(more)
His father's voice ringing in his head, "It's a dog eat dog motherfucker out there boy!" Jackie Green Bones agreed as he stabbed the bald headed man in the eye. Thinking to himself, "Yeah Papa, business is business and the boss has to take care of it" he drove(more)