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get the words out.
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Read. Be Read.
Write. Now.
It doesn't matter how deep or profound the phrase.
Words have hard edges that get smoother with use.
The corners get round and the bite they once had
Gets replaced by soft stones on soft flesh.
So we go further, harder, leaner with our words.
Whittle out the bone,(more)
"I gave you my Nan's ring!"
"because you saw it in the movie last night" Alice retorted. She decided to probe further,"Why didn't you go to university?"
"So that we could be together".
Guilt washed down her face and in to her stomach. John first met Alice during her(more)
You crazy, crazy bitch.  Yes, I mean it.  Go and blame it all on your silver amalgam fillings, or the fact that your father was too stern, or that you're immature, like a little green apple.  All of these reasons and more you can shovel on thick as mortar onto the bricks(more)
Do you mean it when you say it? When you write those dark words full of depressed thoughts. When you talk about humans as if they are parasitic scum. Do you honestly think that there is an unspoken hierarchy? Do you really hear things in your head?
you say it but do
you mean it? or just wish or
hope or pray for it?