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It's easy to sit here and pump out 300 words at the drop of a hat.  The blink of an eye.  Hell, sometimes I even do it without the inclusion of a single beat-like-a-dead-horse cliche.  But not often.
my heart's buried deep
treasure waiting to be claimed
salty sweet and low
It takes a feather touch patience to love without lacking,
continuing on in a ramshackle, rough rooted sort of way,
gulping down ensnaring webs, prior to preying on simple fare.
What an inefficient and poisonous practice!
Much better to dine with your jailer.
I see your deceit and raise(more)
Bleached and dead branching corals of concrete and steel tangling over the Willamette appear man's fitful expression of bewilderment as Things Fall Apart.

"Up the Klamath, a gray whale swims to a lonely death," as we walk under the black grapes of Daedalus. Through the tendriled morass, lily(more)
Tremendous dark weight surrounds us now. There is nothing past the thick bubble dividing us.
Deep black nothing. As still as nirvana.

The boat above sends us a  transmission from five miles high. It blurts through the radio which I scramble to turn down. "We show you at abyss(more)
It was barely visible, just a brief twinkle in the murk, but Brydon saw it too.  It was either far away or small, he wasn't sure.  He wanted to believe it was another lamp--and a friendly party.  Yet all he could feel was unease.