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So, was this it? Was this, in fact, the most boring night of my life? Was I going to literally die of boredom? It didn't seem out of the realm of possibility. I was so tempted to start weeping and cause a scene. Anything for some momentary entertainment. (more)
Clockwork cunts count countries in cutlery
cash and compassion push canteens down canyons
crooked and cooked - locked and loaded - lustful and coarse
I saw a sign pointed towards the Parlor. It said "Donner Party this way".

It was a misspelling. It had to be. I thought about it for a second, and then I finally realized what they meant when they stated, excitedly, that they were eager to have m(more)
At age sixteen, dinner parties lost their fun for Darcy. All she could think of was that awful movie, where Jack Nicholson hallucinated his way across the Golden Room, talking to that imaginary waiter as his wife and child dealt with the repurcussions. After the Shining, all Darcy saw(more)
"The Ferris Wheel was built of bones."

I stopped chewing and looked at my host. He continued to slice his ham, as if those words were of the most normal, everyday sort.