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We stood on the hill beyond and watched the city burn. Flames lit the night, and dark shadows winged overhead.
The goddess put her hands on my face and said, “You see my will.”
There was a strand of silver in her autumn hair. I touched it gently,(more)
the radio said it was a nice day for a white wedding. we sped along the interstate in her little grey sedan, her right hand on mine. as the twilight came, it felt like a last meal more than anything else. we would not be seeing each other again.(more)
In that dim light, I could just barely make out the delicate curves of her body as they shadowed against the lamp. Her arms were outstretched, beckoning me to her in the wan light. I hesitated as she eyed me expectantly. She was beautiful; flawless, alabaster skin that flowed(more)
dim light between night
and morning when most hunting
and killing is done
for I am the dim light, lazily illuminating the path before you. I do not provoke or inspire, catching the darkness with all my able. I am you - and you are me. Slowly fading away, but never to falter. Always standing, never to stop. There because you want(more)
Dim light surrounds my fears
Letting them hide
Cloaked in shadows
And concealed within lies.
fey can't see quin's face as he stands in the doorway, taking up less of it than he should. the light from the moon illuminates neither his features nor the reason for his midnight visit to the room she shares with birdie. she sits up, reaching for birdie, thinking(more)