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When I said Top Pot Doughnuts were a Jewish conspiracy, I didn't mean it. But a chewy conspiracy? You bet your ass they are.

Top Pot Doughnuts. More powerful than the Illuminati.
There's no denying that when you reflect on everything you've done several years from now, there will at no point be things that you "didn't mean" to do. As an individual, I believe you should have autonomous control over your feelings and actions. As such, you 'mean' to do(more)
"Do you ever stop to think about how weird this is?" Carver mused on the way out of the restaurant. "You're over eight hundred years old. Isn't this like pedophilia for you?"
Eden stiffened beside him, and in a moment he seemed to sense he'd hit a genuine sore(more)
I didn't mean to lie to you. It just came out.

You wanted to know how my date was. I didn't want you to know it was with a woman.

"What was his name?" (more)