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sometimes, in between sleep and wakefulness, a jackal creeps through my open window and peels away my skin like a candy wrapper.

does this happen to anyone else?

Practitioners of the lords phenomenon are called lords by some, masters by others. Some call them puppeteers or bosses.

To some they are known as mirrors and bridges.
11:42 a.m. Not an appropriate time for a drink. No. Not on a weekday. 
I wrung my hands a bit and checked my clothes in the mirror again. They hadn't changed from a moment before- still a crisp buttin-up, grey slacks, and shoes with the perfect amount of shine. Nobod(more)
    Zoe stared at the dark blotch of her shadow on the slick surface of the table. She could see the reflection of the fluorescent light behind her shadow, casting a white halo around the mess of her hair. She concentrated on the dark spot, trying to determine the shape(more)
denied self sits still
could move but that would shut the
mind now full open
i tried
i really really tired
to deny myself
the pleasure tonight
here i am (more)