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I know he started with gin, but I have no idea what went into the glass after that. Something dark and thick from a long bottle, another liquid shot out of a squeeze-bottle, and did he just crack an egg? It all went in, not in a blur but(more)
Life is so deft
That no matter how skillful
A player may be
They will never
Win the game of life.
Let's turn our endless days into endless nights, crossing the bridge of friendship into the land of blurred lines, where you and I can lie and lay and kiss and miss. And then, when we wake from our dreaming, go home with a smile in our hearts. Best of(more)
I am anything but deft. I feel like I used to be, yet, I feel like I never have been. I feel like a liar. I feel like I try to hard to be something I will never be. I feel pathetic. I feel useless. I feel like a(more)
It would be cliche if I said it was magical, but it wasn't. It would be cliche if I could say your fingers had been sure and smart and deft. It would be cliche if I could say I'd whispered the right things in your ear and against your(more)
the wild animal
is deft and sure out there or
are there clumsy ones