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Dear Reader,

I am writing to ask if you have seen the girl I love. She left home years ago. She left her sanity here and I am sure she is missing it. She sometimes wears a funny hat. She has sad hazel eyes. Her smile is a(more)
Dear Reader,
I'd like you to open the pages of these books with passion and imagination; I want you to drown in the seas my characters drown in, feel the panic, the adrenalin, and let these words quicken your heart rate and take you through a spiraling journey al(more)
The pages of the aging book felt thick under my fingers as I turned them over, eagerly absorbing the words that had been written over a hundred years ago. The smell that you can't easily get anywhere else - that old book smell - wafted up to me as(more)
Dear Reader
Life is a series of contradictions
That become a mess of opinions
Tangled in a web of lies
And then mixed with some version of apathetic revision.