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He hadn't seen darkness in weeks.  The coronal mass had scoured the planet, the only solace the room he huddled in.  This close in, the sunlight never let up, glazing the inside of his cell with imposing brightness.  The first few hours had seen him lose all sense of shape, the white(more)
Nell let out a pained cry as her knees hit the floor of a darkened room. The purple light that surrounded her earlier sparked out into a dark corner of the room and showed the edge of a door for a small instant.

Nell felt the dust an(more)
Dark corner/
That's all it is/ but strangely enough
It has witnessed more/emotion and tears than
Any human being
Rats scurried from the dark corner of the room.  Something lurked there, hidden in the shadows.  Artyom knew not what it was, only that he needed to be away from it as quickly as possible.  
her roaming eyes follow you everywhere, hauntingly, dauntingly, begging you to go over and speak to her. you stay in your corner, hoping no one aside from her notices you.

you wonder if she can see what you have planned for tonight, if she can see the loathin(more)
I sat in the corner as the sun set and the clock ticked closer to the evening hours, my thoughts bounced in my mind and paced back and forth between the lurking darkness and the evolving brightness. i sat in dismay over my future and  tried to understand what it(more)
Funny thing about the dark. You're safe there as long as nobody sees you. If they don't know, they can't hurt you. Dark corners have to be the stupidest place to hide. They are the first place that people look.

In fact, the dark itself just sort o(more)
It gets dark so early this time of year.
The sun sinks away at five.
The children slink away at seven.
The streets bathed in sin and song.
A hemorrhage of light bleeds through the alleyways,
rounding the dark corners near my window. (more)

As they pulled out of the parking lot of the Mount Saint Vincent residences, Julia considered what to say to her husband Howard. They had been waiting for this moment for so long, putting off their separation until Heather was launched. Would she be able to follow(more)
Art class was always so boring.  Sure, Alex had imagination but he could never quite get it down on paper right. So it was that he was always staring out the window, imagining himself sitting in the tree and staring right back.
A dark corner can be hidden in a bright and sun-drenched room. Do you know what a dark corner looks like to someone who gets pushed into one because someone else is exerting more power and control than they should? It is dark and you can't see a doo(more)