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It was a beautiful thing.

     The firelight caught in the slender blade, a streak of molten gold in the cool silver of steel. Ulrich ran his finger over the intricate carving of its hilt, trying to follow the course of knot work it represented, complicated and unending(more)
There's a lot of different people
In this little world
But each one has a dagger
And the biggest difference
Between us
Is how we use it.
I felt the loss like a dagger to my brain, a crude lobotomy that left me crippled. Emotionally stunted and without initiative, I wondered around as if her death physically effected my balance.

We were told she was in a wreck. There was an accident involving the ca(more)
If I am unable to write then how can I say anything about being unable to write?

It's heartbreaking.

This is all heartbreaking. (more)
[For the "dagger" prompt]

"Dagger? Whadja do to get that name?"

My server,  "July," was a shapely and impossibly short woman with crunchy red hair and skin the pearly pink shade of a conch shell. She smiled anxiously as I took my time looking over the top o(more)
daggers don't kill folks
folks kill folks with daggers but
do not sit on one
A hunger so deep and  inwardly twisting
it consumes itself and leaves nothing but gravity tugging and yearning
like a dagger thrust through soft flesh.
We each carry a piece of the weakness,
though most do not know it.   (more)
The hilt was made of black stryofoam and all the endges were dull and rounded. The blade was light grey plastic, flimsy, hollow, and streaked with the blood of Joshua Green.

Joshua was eleven years old — old enough for him to be left home alone for th(more)