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The cruelest world
Is the one that hides
Inside the mind.
Noise on the streets thudded like a toothache. Jamie had gotten over the idea of even trying to sleep and now she was on a fresh bottle, a pot of coffee boiling on the stove to offset the depressive quality of whisky. She had so much work to do.(more)
I was a contented child. The world was not cruel, not to me. I played, I laughed, I learned. One day, my father would hand me his ledger and not look over my shoulder while I wrote; one day, I would haggle with the ship's captains alone; one day,(more)
“junk is no good baby” - Gysin 1962

Android users don’t pay for apps, they don’t have data plans, you can’t monetize them easily, and designers are all iPhone users who don’t really understand Android users.

When I pay $13 to see a film, I sneak i(more)
Father Abbot stood behind his desk with his hands behind his back, looking down on me from the perch of his long frame.
"Eight months. Eight months as a novice. Are you ready to take vows as a brother?"
"I don't know, Father, I-" (more)
it's a cruel world
but it could get a heck of
a lot crueler