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It was way past midnight. As a private dick, Brit did not  cast aspersions on anyone, but she did look for cruel shoes. She herself wore cruel shoes, the kind with heels that vaguely resembled upright steak knives and a buttressed toe that could ram the gates of Troy. She(more)

When getting dressed, I often stop to survey my shoe collection (and take a restorative gulp of coffee) and decide which pair would go best with my outfit.
Invariably, it's the gray suede boots I choose. They're so old they sag around the ankles. The heels are worn awa(more)
I am a traitor to my sex.
For some reason unbeknownst to me, I have no interest in shoes. Not for me, the thousand dollar Manolo Blahniks. You can keep your Jimmy Choos too.
Give me a pair of Doc Martins any day over those over-priced torture devices. (more)
What does this mean, "cruel shoes"? Does it mean literally shoes that are cruel to your feet, like the impossibly pointy toe stilletos I feel compelled to buy and cram my equally impossibly wide feet into? This causes me to walk around in pain all day cursing the silly(more)