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"Fan the flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship and pass the rosy wine,” Lafarge said. She was limited to about five quotes from Dickens—all about alcohol, although, laudably, the felon had been sober for twenty years--under disguise. Even her sponsor did not know her true identity.    (more)
My crow's feet are hidden behind a scar
next to my left eye, a small indented crescent
evidence of a violent and intimate meeting
with the pointed corner of a lacquered coffee table.

I was two years old. (more)
it's open season
they're picking at my carcass
swallowing me whole
They wrap their feet around power lines like such badasses.
Delicate, cruel toes flexing, stretching, settling. And then they open their beaks and give you what-for.
I think I really piss crows off. Did I get too close to a nest at some point, and the gossip has sprea(more)